Book Review: Storm Fire

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Book Blurb:

Would you kill a king to save your people… even if he was your father?

Fourteen-year-old Jaime Pappas expects to live the remainder of his life on the chilly alps of the Air Kingdom. But he doesn’t expect the king’s men to arrive to his farmstead—or burn his brother for treason.

Forced to run, Jaime’s world upends when he discovers a chilling prophecy that will call him to exchange his farmer’s cowl for a crown. Meanwhile, ancient nightmares are returning to the mortal world. Signs abound that the end of times is near. His true enemies might not be who they seem.

Torn between duty and his heart, he will have to decide whether he will learn to raise storms to stop the king…who also happens to be his long-lost father.

Can the young mage rise to liberate his kingdom—even if he must burn with the rest of his family?

Begin your next biggest epic fantasy adventure into a world of complex new lands, political intrigue, dangerous romances, and teenage heroes. Readers who enjoy classic fantasy and have a hunger for epic worldbuilding will love this.

My Take on Storm Fire

My first thought when I picked up Storm Fire from fellow indie author, Jasmine Young, was I love the cover. A cover like this screams epic fantasy and Young did not disappoint. There is a reason this book is a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

The story follows the tragic beginnings of Jaime Ottega as he discovers and harnesses his powers over the elements. It’s set back in an alternate Roman reality and I love the rich detail built into this book. My overall rating for this book is FIVE big stars. Though reader discretion is advised throughout as there is a fair bit of violence.

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(NOTE* I would NOT recommend this book for anyone younger than 14.)

Here is how I rated this book. (The scale is 1 being least and 10 being greatest)

  • Story structure: 9.5
  • Language: 2
  • Violence: 4.5
  • Sexual Content: 4

The Breakdown

Story Structure 9.5: Young does a fantastic job with her world building. It feels rich and vibrant without becoming too heavy with details. I love the way she describes her settings by using multiple senses. The story pulls you in immediately as Jaime is forced to watch events unfold in his town, ultimately launching him on his journey to save his country. The only reason this didn’t get a ten is because there are a few instances where I had to reread a passage to understand the situation. Otherwise, this was a gripping tale that did not allow for skipping pages.

Sexual Content: 4. It is insinuated that a man rapes another man’s wife, but we get no details here. Only that her wrists are bruised the next day and they find out she is carrying the man’s child.

Violence: 4.5. This is epic fantasy. Blood and battles will be part of the narrative, but I wouldn’t say it was overdone. However, there were some sections that made me seriously cringe.

Language: 2.5. Very little was found in the way of swearing. Mostly threats made by other characters and a constant reference to “the gods.”

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