The Comstock Chronicles

Sometimes our lives are meant to be bigger than our dreams…

Nienna Reina Comstock is set on living her dream as a Cartographer professor at the Alturis University, at least she was until she discovers she possesses a power not seen in over a millennia.

Now she faces the choice of hiding her power for the rest of her life, or becoming part of something bigger than a university professor.

Vanessa Thurgood is a new face in the Indie Adult Fantasy world. She makes her debut with her novel, “The Earthspark,” in mid 2021.

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Meet Vanessa!

Indie Author, Vanessa Thurgood, is the creator of The Comstock Chronicles Series. The first installment, “The Earthspark,” will be available mid 2021. She also has created several worksheets to help you set out and achieve your own dreams.