The Comstock Chronicles

Which is worse, Earth or Fire? Earth destroyed her family’s past. Will Fire destroy its future?

Nienna has finally broken free of the castle and life under her mother’s watchful eye. Her dreams have come true, and she has the freedom she so desperately craved. When the earth begins to quake from a series of tremors, she finds she got more than she bargained for.

After one particular tremor sends Nienna into the depths of the earth, she finds something growing within her that has long lain dormant. The Earthspark, a cursed power that nearly destroyed her family’s kingdom a thousand years ago. As her power grows, so does the light within her. She suddenly finds herself a target for every evil thing in the land.

Alone and unprotected, dark creatures are suddenly closing in, intent on devouring her gift to release an evil not seen in an age. Nienna must decide if she will accept her newfound power, and soon. 

If she chooses to embrace the Earthspark, then her family’s greatest enemy will be her only ally in the fight against the rising evil of the Fire Witch.

The Earthspark is the first novel in the Comstock Chronicles. It’s a clean Young Adult epic fantasy that will take you on a journey of magic, family, and forgiveness through the wild landscapes of Tellidus. Fans of “The Mark of the Raven” and “The Beyonders” will find a new favorite in The Earthspark.

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Meet Vanessa!

Indie Author, Vanessa Thurgood, is the creator of The Comstock Chronicles Series. The first installment, “The Earthspark,” will be available October 2021. She also has created several worksheets to help you set out and achieve your own dreams.