The Raider’s Curse (paperback)


6”x9” paperback book with matte image. Signed by author. Price includes shipping.



The dragon is waking. The raiders proved they are willing to kill to set him free. Nienna must stop them or watch her homeland burn.

Handed down for generations, hatred for the south is rampant in the Northern Reach. That enmity reaches a point of no return when the raiders mark Nienna as the key to unlocking the gate of the dragon’s prison. The acid green dragon’s return could mean the end of Tellidus and the reunited Pathfinders.

Entangled in an age-old battle of sibling rivalry, Tellidus’s princess must drag herself out of the depths of despair and find her power once again. When the raiders threaten her brother’s life, Nienna sets out to even the odds and hopefully find the missing Earth Guardian, Tellen.

Through the help of her new friends, Nienna is determined to stop the raiders and their fateful plan to free the dragon. But to survive, she must navigate the maze of her nightmares long enough to battle the demons of the real world. She may lose the only man she’s loved and see her home erupt in flames if she can’t.

Spread your wings and take flight in the second installment of The Comstock Chronicles, exploring elemental magic with thrilling adventure and gut-dropping twists in this clean young adult epic fantasy series. If you love heart-pounding action, elemental magic, stormy secrets, and slow-burn romance with a sprinkle of a love triangle, you’ll devour this book.

Praise for The Raider’s Curse

★★★★★ “Thurgood has created an imaginative world that blends magic, myth, and human frailties.”

★★★★★ “A thrilling adventure! The story is woven with suspense throughout with nice twists and feel-good heroic moments.”

★★★★★ “Nonstop action and danger. Thurgood is excellent both at building tension throughout the book and at creating believable, flawed, but relatable characters that the reader really cares about.”

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

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