The Earthspark (paperback)


6”x9” paperback book with matte image. Signed by author. Price includes shipping.



A forgotten magic emerges as the primordial Guardians stir. Darkness is on the fringe, and it’s hunting for the one person who could set it free.

The Earthspark, a cursed power that nearly destroyed Nienna’s family a thousand years ago, has appeared once more, and she’s the one holding the knife.

As her ill-fated power grows, the number of dark creatures bent on seeing her dead increases. If that weren’t bad enough, the Guardians have reappeared, and the elements are on the move. Nienna must choose to embrace the Earthspark or live the rest of her life like a hunted animal.

However, accepting the Earthspark means her family’s greatest enemy may be her only ally in the fight against the rising evil of the Fire Witch. With her choice in the balance, the fate of her people rests on the untried shoulders of Tellidus’s second-born and the infamous Guardian of Earth.

“The Earthspark” is the first novel in the Comstock Chronicles. It’s a clean Young Adult epic fantasy that will take you on a journey of elemental magic, love, honor, and family. This book is for readers who love fantasy with adventure, betrayals, and a slow-burn romance with a heroine who just wants to live her own life.

Praise for The Earthspark:

★★★★★ “The plot twists were perfect. I don’t want to give anything away, but I found myself changing my opinions of support characters along with Nienna.

★★★★★ Romance….check, adventure….check, an exciting tale that makes you dream of what happens next…check! This book has all the goods.

★★★★★ The wilderness of Tellidus is powerfully evocative, and the characters are so rich and vibrant that I read it all in one sitting. If you love epic fantasy, I highly recommend you check this out!


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