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  • Book Review: Crush Your Kryptonite

    Whenever you think of Superman, it’s hard not to also imagine the little green rock that zapped the hero’s power. After reading this self-help book by Nate Hambrick, I’m starting to wonder if little specs of green dust are floating around me, stealing my power to own my life because I refuse to clean them…

  • What’s that ONE thing…?

    I hope this post finds you warm, curled up in front of a fire with an excellent book in hand, and possibly some hot cocoa nearby. That is definitely where I want to be as we have a field of snow outside my windows at the moment.  As you sit there in your comfy spot,…

  • 5 Things Holding You Back From YOUR Dream

    explanatory, but honor is the key here. Do you live your life with integrity? Do you strive to keep every commitment you make with your spouse? Your coworkers? Your friends?

  • Do you know SWOT?

    All of us have written down a goal with the full intention of doing it, but for one reason or another, we never accomplish it. If this happens often enough, it may begin to feel like we just aren’t good at goals, so why should we try? We try because all of us, no matter…

  • What Can You Accomplish This Year?

    On a recent call with my writing coach, he asked the question of “What does your one year plan look like? What goals in your writing do you want to achieve? And what steps are you going to take to get you there?

  • Can A Book Change Your Life?

    Can a book change your life? I whole heartedly say YES.