The Fire Drake: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Inside the Cathedral Read Chapter 9 “We need a distraction,” Gabe said, trying to act as though nothing had happened. That Azroth’s sham of a life hadn’t just gone up in flames. “Otherwise, we’ll never get past the guards on the grounds.” “Leave the distraction to me,” Azroth said, feeling reckless. He’dContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 10”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 9

This novella has been updated! It’s been expanded and edited for a better reading experience. This in essence has not changed, but has been fleshed out more as it’s getting ready to be published next year. Enjoy this new and expanded version. Vanessa Thurgood Read Chapter 8 Azroth kicked a rat that scurried in frontContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 9”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 8

Missed Chapter 7? Things passed by in a blur during the market. He needed Brewster to nudge him a few times to keep on task, and he thanked the fiery demons when Marjorie finally sold her last round of cheese for the day. Brewster kept up a nonstop chatter about everything he’d learned from theContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 8”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 – THE MEDALLION Missed Chapter 6? The fire trail flickered ahead. The footprints led up a set of stairs from the back of a well to do home near the center of Lambswell. Azroth extinguished the footprints and crept up the stone steps. He should have ran into a guard by now. Someone,Continue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 7”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 6

Missed Chapter 5? Chapter 6 – A New Assignment Five Years Later Azroth swaggered down the high street, whistling as he carried his latest delivery of goods. The market had been abundant today as an influx of people crowded into Lambswell from the surrounding towns. Rumors of a great treasure making its way from theContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 6”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 5

An origin story in the Comstock Chronicles Have you loved the Fire Drake so far? If so, please consider donating. Your contributions help me to keep writing and sharing great stories with you. ~ Vanessa Missed Chapter 4? CHAPTER 5 – THE FIRE DRAKE The ancient wooden staircase leading up to Gabe’s home sported soContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 5”