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The hardest peak to reach is the one you never climb

The Comstock Chronicles

Nienna Reina Comstock is set on living her dream as a Cartographer professor at the Alturis University, at least she was until she discovers she possesses a power not seen in over a millennia.

Tips for Writers

Sometimes all we are missing is the right tools for the job. Check out some of the worksheets I’ve created to help me on my own writing journey. Maybe they can help you too!

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Photo Projects

Not all my art comes in the written form. Check out some of my landscape photography that helped inspire me to create the World of the Guardians.


I have always loved books, but never thought I would actually write one. Now I am about to launch my first book. This series has been living in my head for years and I finally let it out. I hope you enjoy it as much I have loved writing it.

Vanessa Thurgood

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Do you know SWOT?

All of us have written down a goal with the full intention of doing it, but for one reason or another, we never accomplish it. If this happens often enough, it may begin to feel like we just aren’t good at goals, so why should we try? We try because all of us, no matter […]

What Can You Accomplish This Year?

On a recent call with my writing coach, he asked the question of “What does your one year plan look like? What goals in your writing do you want to achieve? And what steps are you going to take to get you there?

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