Book Review: Crush Your Kryptonite

Whenever you think of Superman, it’s hard not to also imagine the little green rock that zapped the hero’s power. After reading this self-help book by Nate Hambrick, I’m starting to wonder if little specs of green dust are floating around me, stealing my power to own my life because I refuse to clean themContinue reading “Book Review: Crush Your Kryptonite”

Character List for the Comstock Chronicles

Character List and How to Say Their Names I’ve been asked several times since I first published THE EARTHSPARK, “How do you pronounce her name?” So I thought I would share a pronunciation guide for all my characters who’ve appeared in the Comstock Chronicles thus far. However, if you like your pronunciations better, by allContinue reading “Character List for the Comstock Chronicles”

What’s that ONE thing…?

I hope this post finds you warm, curled up in front of a fire with an excellent book in hand, and possibly some hot cocoa nearby. That is definitely where I want to be as we have a field of snow outside my windows at the moment.  As you sit there in your comfy spot,Continue reading “What’s that ONE thing…?”

Book Review: The Captive Kingdom

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a book review, so I thought I’d share one I enjoyed recently. To remind you of my rating scale, here it is. Now let’s dive in! The Captive Kingdom is the fourth book of THE FALSE PRINCE series written by Jennifer A. Nielsen. This series was originallyContinue reading “Book Review: The Captive Kingdom”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 8 (The finale)

CHAPTER 8 – THE PROTECTOR Azroth dropped the wooden chest to the floor in shock as the burly man from the night before stepped away from the window. Light from a flickering torch on the wall illuminated half his grim face, a deep blue gem as big around as a loaf of sourdough bread inContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 8 (The finale)”