The Queen of the Night (paperback)


6”x9” paperback book with matte image. Signed by author. Price includes shipping



How far would you go to save yourself and those you love?

Nienna Comstock never expected her pursuit of the Earth Guardian through Peroma to lead to such dire consequences. Desperation sets in when the capricious magic of the fortress hurls her back in time, casting her into the treacherous depths of the Mountain Veil. Stripped of her elemental powers, she transforms from a rogue princess into a slave, bound to the infamous dragon that haunts Tellidine history.

As the kingdom falls into the grip of a rampant slave trade, Nienna’s faith in the Guardians of Earth and Sky shatters. Surrounded by enemies who should be allies, she’s left with no one to turn to.

Just when all hope seems lost, the dragon presents her with an offer she cannot refuse. Now, Nienna must grapple with the worth of her own life and the lives of her fellow countrymen. Will she forsake her loyalties to the Guardians in exchange for freedom, or cling to broken oaths, watching helplessly as her people remain ensnared in the chains of slavery?

The threads of destiny weave tighter as Nienna’s choice hangs in the balance in this enchanting adventure, THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, the third volume of THE COMSTOCK CHRONICLES. Unleash your imagination amidst a realm of elemental magic, captivating shifters, and exhilarating quests. This spellbinding, clean young adult epic fantasy will transport you on a journey of self-discovery, wrapped in a slow-burn, no-spice romance that will leave you yearning for more.

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in
The Queen of the Night (Paperback)

Paperback version. Signed by the author.

The Queen of the Night (Hardcover)

Hardcover version. No dust jacket. Signed by the author.


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