A THANK YOU and some news.

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Hello my dear reading friends!

I want to thank you for sticking with me the last eight weeks as I slowly gave you the short story, THE FIRE DRAKE. I hope you enjoyed it, as I definitely enjoyed writing it.

However, I have to admit, I used this short story as a challenge to see if I could learn to let go of my writing. You see, as I was working on the manuscript for my third book, I continued to edit, and edit, and edit until I was slightly batty. I never thought it was good enough and I didn’t have the story right, etc. etc. In short, I was scared you wouldn’t like it.

However, I made myself face that fear by writing AND publishing one chapter a week for this short story. And I learned something. Even with a few mistakes, and plot holes, many of you still have commented to me how much you enjoyed the book.

Plus, this challenge helped me learn to write faster. So with any luck, you all won’t have to wait a whole year after book 3 comes out to enjoy book 4, which is where I’m focusing my effort at the moment.

For those who are wanting a bit more of THE COMSTOCK CHRONICLES, stay tuned for updates on when the cover reveal and pre-order details will be announced for my third novel, THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, set to be released this spring.

Until then my friends,
Have a stellar week!

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