Character List for the Comstock Chronicles

Character List and How to Say Their Names

I’ve been asked several times since I first published THE EARTHSPARK, “How do you pronounce her name?” So I thought I would share a pronunciation guide for all my characters who’ve appeared in the Comstock Chronicles thus far. However, if you like your pronunciations better, by all means, keeping using your version. These are just how the names sound to me.

  • Nienna Comstock – KNEE-n-uh COM-stock
  • Tellen Ramforth- TELL-en RAM-fourth
  • Teaguemund (Teague) Demetrius – TEE-gue-mund Dee-MEE-tree-us
  • Aspen Perrill – Ass-pen Per-RILL
  • Orion Halifax – O-Rye-on Hal-I-fax
  • Liam Falkirk – LEE-em Fal-Kirk
  • Aros Aquilo – R-ose A-KEE-lo
  • Cyra Aquilo – SYE-ruh A-KEE-lo
  • Corwin Aquilo – CORE-win A-KEE-lo
  • Gloria Aquilo – GLOR-ee-uh A-KEE-lo
  • Cael Aquilo – KAE-l A-KEE-lo
  • Azaelea Aquilo – A-ZAE-lee-uh A-KEE-lo
  • Ross Galbraith – Ross GAL-brae-th
  • Owen Comstock – O-wen COM-stock
  • Rivkah Parker – RIV-ka PAR-ker
  • Prentice Parker – PREN-tiss PAR-ker
  • Fiora Moratis – FEE-or-uh MORE-a-tis
  • Cadaras – CAD-uh-rass
  • Ulif Ravencrest – U-liff RAY-ven-crest
  • Malvina Ravencrest – MAL-VEEN-uh RAY-ven-crest
  • Plover Ravencrest – PLO-ver RAY-ven-crest

I hope this list is helpful and I’ll be back next week with a deep dive book review on Nate Hambrick’s CRUSH YOUR KRYTONITE.

Until then my friends!

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