When a Horse is Your Best Friend

I’ve always been a lover of both books and horses. Sometimes I’d even combine the two and read while sitting or laying on the back of my horse while he was eating. During my childhood, one of my absolute favorite books was BLACK BEAUTY. If you’ve never read this classic by Anne Sewell, and youContinue reading “When a Horse is Your Best Friend”

A Look into the Heart of a Guardian

This post is hard to write. But I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind Tellen, in the Comstock Chronicles. As far as the human aspect of Tellen goes, much of the credit goes to my husband. He is the joy in my life. He has a love for the earth that is hardContinue reading “A Look into the Heart of a Guardian”

What Makes You Feel Connected to a Character?

One of the best opening lines I’ve read recently was: “This job’s going to kill me.” The Midnight Thief ~ Livia Blackburne This line hooked me into the story so fast that I was a hundred pages in before I realized it. Having a great opening line in a story is crucial to readers wantingContinue reading “What Makes You Feel Connected to a Character?”

How do your cartographer skills measure up?

Several years ago, when I finally wrote the story living in my head, I set about doing on what typical jobs women had back in the roman through middle ages. I’ll admit, it was pretty paltry. Most societies only allowed women to raise children, run a household, and weave cloth. The only bright side IContinue reading “How do your cartographer skills measure up?”

Book Review: Crush Your Kryptonite

Whenever you think of Superman, it’s hard not to also imagine the little green rock that zapped the hero’s power. After reading this self-help book by Nate Hambrick, I’m starting to wonder if little specs of green dust are floating around me, stealing my power to own my life because I refuse to clean themContinue reading “Book Review: Crush Your Kryptonite”

Character List for the Comstock Chronicles

Character List and How to Say Their Names I’ve been asked several times since I first published THE EARTHSPARK, “How do you pronounce her name?” So I thought I would share a pronunciation guide for all my characters who’ve appeared in the Comstock Chronicles thus far. However, if you like your pronunciations better, by allContinue reading “Character List for the Comstock Chronicles”