The Fire Drake: Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 – THE JOB FIVE YEARS LATER Azroth swaggered down the high street, whistling as he carried his latest delivery of goods. The market had been abundant today as an influx of people crowded into Lambswell from the surrounding towns. Rumors of a great treasure making its way from the gem smiths in SolomonContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 6”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 5

An origin story in the Comstock Chronicles Have you loved the Fire Drake so far? If so, please consider donating. Your contributions help me to keep writing and sharing great stories with you. ~ Vanessa CHAPTER 5 – THE FIRE DRAKE The ancient wooden staircase leading up to Gabe’s home sported so many holes, AzrothContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 5”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 4

An origin story in the Comstock Chronicles Have you been enjoying the story so far? If so, I’d love to hear your comments below on what parts you’ve enjoyed most. Also, it would go a long way if you would share this short-story with someone craving a new read, because we’re all in need ofContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 4”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 2

An Origin Story in the Comstock Chronicles Before you dive into this story, I want to give you some background on how this gem came about. Over the summer, I asked my readers which character they wanted to read more about. Ross Galbraith was the clear winner. So, over the course of the next severalContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 2”