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Do You Have a BHAG?

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For years I have wanted to write a book, but it never felt like the right time. I gave it a few half-hearted attempts, but never committed myself to the project. I was recently graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business and Advertising and ready to actually “use my degree.”

I found great joy in being a project manager for a group called Gourmet Gone Wild based in Michigan. I literally got to use everything I learned in college. It was amazing. However, when I became a mom, everything changed.

I found myself wondering who I was besides mid-night room service to my newborn. I no longer worked, so I had lots of free time. So I decided to give a go on writing some of the book ideas I had floating around in my mind. Again, I never committed myself to it.

Finally in 2018, I decided to give myself a year to write the book. For once, I showed up and got my rough draft written. Then I read it.

I was expecting to read something of the same quality as the printed books on my shelf. Not even close. I wondered to myself “Who wrote this? Surely I know how to write better than this.”

I nearly gave up. I became afraid that I wasn’t good enough to write a book. Thank goodness for a supportive husband who got me on the right track and I started again.

This time I decided to dive deeper into my characters and plot. The next draft was significantly better, but I still had a long way to go.

Then in January of 2020 as I sat writing my goals, I put down my bhag (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). I was going to publish my book. The more I learned about publishing, however, I began to feel that self doubt creep back in. “I wasn’t good enough.” “I should just go back to doing photography.”

But then I saw my goal list again. I didn’t want to quit on something that made me so happy. So I signed up for publishing and writing webinars. I put together a business plan (yes, you need one if you plan to make money writing books). and I got help from Self-Publishing School.

I am still terrified about my journey ahead, but I have discovered that I am worth it. I am fully capable of publishing a book and doing it well.

So here’s to not giving up on dreams and doing what we love.

You can download my yearly goal sheet below.

What’s the BHAG you’re going to tackle in the next year?

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