Can A Book Change Your Life?

The last two years were a challenge for every single living person. We were all affected in some way and we still feel its effects today. In some cases we had to dig down deep and figure out who we were and why we were doing the things we did.

Despite all the disruptions in our lives, one thing stayed the same. My local library still allowed us to check-out books.

One night as I sat watching a webinar from Self-Publishing School, a book came up called “Miracle Morning,” by Hal Elrod. This book was supposed to teach you how to develop yourself by waking up a little earlier in the morning, and focusing on becoming a better you.

I jotted the title down and shortly queried my library to see if they had it in circulation. Upon finding they did, I hit reserve.

Now, I am a voracious reader and I love personal development books. But as I began to read this book, my life slowly changed. Each section was broken up into bit-sized actionable advice. So as I read, I implemented.

It was amazing. I woke up a little earlier each day and meditated, visualized, read from other books, exercised, and wrote in my journal. These were things I had been trying to do for years, but had not been successful at doing continuously until now. I read that book in September 2020 and I’m still doing these things.

I can’t believe the change I have felt in myself. I’m happier. I actually have some “me” time without interference from a child who is hungry or got poked in the eye. And because I took this “me” time, I am happier with my kids, I get more done during my day, and I’m more relaxed.

If you are looking for a way to feel more productive about your day, check-out Hal’s book. I would definitely give this one FIVE STARS and recommend you get it on your reading list ASAP.

So to answer the question: Can a book change your life? I whole heartedly say YES.

Don’t wait to change your life. If you want to start off this year with a solid plan, check out this post on BHAG’s and grab the pdf.

Do you have a favorite self-improvement book? Share your favorites in the comments!

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