The Fire Drake: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Inside the Cathedral Read Chapter 9 “We need a distraction,” Gabe said, trying to act as though nothing had happened. That Azroth’s sham of a life hadn’t just gone up in flames. “Otherwise, we’ll never get past the guards on the grounds.” “Leave the distraction to me,” Azroth said, feeling reckless. He’dContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 10”

The Fire Drake: Chapter 9

This novella has been updated! It’s been expanded and edited for a better reading experience. This in essence has not changed, but has been fleshed out more as it’s getting ready to be published next year. Enjoy this new and expanded version. Vanessa Thurgood Read Chapter 8 Azroth kicked a rat that scurried in frontContinue reading “The Fire Drake: Chapter 9”

When a Horse is Your Best Friend

I’ve always been a lover of both books and horses. Sometimes I’d even combine the two and read while sitting or laying on the back of my horse while he was eating. During my childhood, one of my absolute favorite books was BLACK BEAUTY. If you’ve never read this classic by Anne Sewell, and youContinue reading “When a Horse is Your Best Friend”

A Look into the Heart of a Guardian

This post is hard to write. But I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind Tellen, in the Comstock Chronicles. As far as the human aspect of Tellen goes, much of the credit goes to my husband. He is the joy in my life. He has a love for the earth that is hardContinue reading “A Look into the Heart of a Guardian”